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Andy Warhol

Posted 04/17/10

After the JFK funeral, Andy Warhol created a series of silk screens of Jackie. One portrait is my father’s Life magazine cover image. His photo is from the White House steps, with her standing in front of the saluting Marine.... Read More

The prettiest place on Earth - Part 4

Posted 04/17/10

You know you’re in underwater paradise when a ramora, a shark sucker, confuses you for one of the sharks you’re surrounded by, and is attached to your leg for an hour. Once you’ve been here, in fact, I’m not sure... Read More

Raiatea and Tahaa - Part 3

Posted 04/17/10

Satisfied I had seen Bora Bora, I flew on to Raiatea and neighboring Tahaa. Raiatea is the second largest and sort of spiritual home to many islanders. It is a lot like Hawaii, with plenty of development and lots of... Read More

The sharks of Bora Bora - Part 2

Posted 04/17/10

Thrilling is the way to describe diving Tahiti. It is second to Thailand only in my experience. I have been off Maui, Kauai, Niihau, Honduras, the Keys, Virgin Islands, BVIs, Dominica, California, Mexico, Bahamas many times, and for sharks there... Read More

The prettiest place on Earth - part 1

Posted 04/17/10

My father has a map in his office with push pins marking every country he’s visited. It is basically oceans because every square inch of land is covered in red pins. Fifteen years of National Geographic photojournalism has him as... Read More

President Ford

Posted 12/18/09

When Nixon left office photographer Fred Ward covered the transition, the return of hope to the White House. As his days turned to weeks he realized it was a larger story and approached publishing companies about doing a book about... Read More


Posted 12/08/09

we have spent the last three weeks immersed in expanding our role in the community through charities. each has been a different, valued experience. by continuing to support “the cove” and the efforts to stop dolphin and whale hunting, we... Read More